I support the expansion of Medicaid. Single Payer or Medicare-For-All is the best and most affordable solution. I recognize that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) offered some much needed improvements. It’s central flaw was keeping insurance companies in the center of healthcare provision. Despite my misgivings, I oppose the Trump Administration’ undermining of the ACA. Adding an authentic public option to the ACA would swiftly move us towards Single Payer.

The White House’s recent move to end coverage for pre-existing conditions is unacceptable. It is part of the war the Trump administration is waging against working families.

Republican leadership in the Texas legislature refuses to accept Medicaid expansion. This is sheer dereliction of duty. It has left Texas with the highest rate of uninsured citizens in our Nation. Almost one in five people remain without adequate healthcare coverage. This is totally unacceptable. When elected I will immediately work to fix this.

Finally, I want to make it clear that I support and will defend women’s health choices. I don’t believe the government has a right to intrude into women’s reproductive health decisions.