I’m running because I understand that the big problems we face demand big solutions. I have a clear vision for how we can work together to tackle these problems. Across this District I find people are ready to take big steps for big gains. People are ready to win justice for our communities today and our children’s future tomorrow. We can work together to make our dreams for a more just world real. Here’s how we start down that path:


  • Our Democracy is broken. It’s on life-support and we must work hard to revive it.


  • We must fight to make Community Rights everywhere greater than corporate rights.


  • Working families need to earn a Living Wage. This is the only way to revive the middle class and create a path out of poverty for those trapped in it. There must be equal pay for equal work.


  • Small local businesses are our best economic neighbors. We need to put their needs ahead of big corporations. Growing small businesses will lead to higher wages for working families and create a more robust and resilient economy for everyone.


  • We must repeal the Democracy destroying House Bill 40 that the incumbent, Travis Clardy, sponsored. It takes away our inalienable right to self-government and our ability to defend our communities from toxic industrial threats.


  • We must repeal the “show me your papers” Senate Bill 4 that Clardy co-sponsored. It is an attack on our neighbors in the Hispanic community and an assault on everyone’s civil rights.

  • We must oppose the construction of the southern border wall with every atom of our being. It is dog-whistle racism and will not make our nation more secure. It reeks of government abuse of eminent domain powers. It is the most ridiculous campaign promise from the most ridiculous and inept man ever to occupy the White House. 


  • Texas leads the nation in wind and solar energy. We must embrace our Clean Energy Future. There we’ll find good paying jobs that build our future with dignity.


  • We must fight for our Children’s right to Climate Justice and a Clean Energy Future.


  • We must end the phony “War on Drugs,” and the plague of mass incarceration, mostly inflicted on communities of color.


  • We must fight against racism, xenophobia, and all forms of bigotry.


  • We must stand with and defend the Dreamers.


  • We must stand with and defend the LBGTQ community.


  • Working together we can build power with each other so that we can harness that power and regain control over our lives today and our children’s future tomorrow.