Martin Luther King Jr. described Justice as "The Public Face of Love." For far too long Justice has not smiled on communities of color in Texas. The phony "War on Drugs" has been, in truth, a war on communities of color. It has led to Mass Incarceration and an incarceration industry that is way out of control. Police brutality and a lack of accountability when police resort to lethal force has claimed far too many African Americans and Hispanic lives. We will work with communities across the district and law enforcement to finally draw the curtain closed on such a dark chapter in our state's history.

Mass Incarceration

Steps that we will take to address this issue include:

  1. Promote screenings of the Oscar-nominated documentary the "13th" to raise awareness of the predicament African Americans find themselves in today. We worked with the SFA student chapter of the NAACP to successfully screen this superb film during Black History Month.

  2. Promote awareness of "Restorative Justice." For more information please visit the Center for Justice and Reconciliation's website.

  3. Promote the work of Real Justice Political Action Committee which seeks to elect District Attorney's who seek to: "Elect candidates to county prosecutor positions where they can make a material impact on people's lives by helping to combat discriminatory policing, limiting or eliminating money bail, and rolling back other practices that lead to mass incarceration." For more information about this organization please visit their website.

  4. Work to immediately overturn the rights violating "show your papers" Senate Bill 4. It is an attack on the Texas Hispanic community and an assault on all our Civil Rights.

  5. We support the National Black Caucus of Young Elected Officials and hereby associate this campaign with their statement, "A Joint Open Letter to End Police Violence Against Black Communities."