I’m Alec Johnson, and I'm running to represent Texas House District 11.

I Stand With Working Families. I Stand For Government For The Many, Not The Few. 

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Common Pain, Common Purpose, and Common Prosperity.

The big problems we face demand bold solutions. Recognizing the common pain afflicting our community, we must forge a common purpose. With equal measures of vision, courage, and determination we will gain common prosperity. This is how we will win our children the future they deserve.

Healthcare is a right

Republican leadership in the Texas legislature refuses to accept Medicaid expansion. This is sheer dereliction of duty. It has left Texas with the highest rate of uninsured citizens in our Nation. Almost one in five people remain without adequate healthcare coverage. This is totally unacceptable. When elected I will immediately work to fix this.


Education should be a top priority. Our students deserve a world-class education. This costs money and those costs will likely increase every year. I will take a long view of education and view its funding as an investment rather than an expenditure. If we continue to invest, ALL Texans will benefit; not just a few.



To implement our plan to end unemployment and lift up working families, we must promote local living economies throughout our district. We must insist on a Living Wage. We must fight Leakonomics at every turn. We must embrace the three Golden rules that ensure local prosperity. We must promote a new generation of pollinator businesses. And we must liberate our fair share of the $15 trillion dollars of equity investment capital our local economies have every right to pursue.



When working families cannot earn a Living Wage,  justice does not smile. When children in poor communities fail to get a decent education, justice does not smile. When the rich buy elections, justice does not smile. Whenever racism gets promoted by elected officials, justice does not smile. When communities of color suffer discrimination, justice does not smile. When LGBTQ citizens suffer discrimination, justice does not smile. When our government breaks its word to our Dreamers, justice does not smile. When corporations have more power than our communities, justice does not smile. When Global Warming threatens our children's future, justice does not smile. Yet justice must smile upon everyone. We all deserve the public face of Love.


Endorsed By

Moms Demand Action

Gun Sense Candidate

Our Revolution East Texas


Lone Star Sierra Club


Deep East Texas Central Labor Council


FreeThought Equality Fund


Bill McKibben


“Alec Johnson is the definition of a stand-up guy. Not as in standing up for a bunch of corporations – as in stand up for people and planet. So it’s an honor to stand with him.”


Cliff Walker


“When the results rolled in Election Night in 2016, there were two big surprises: Donald Trump wins. And Texas is a single digit state for the first time in decades.

If we want to keep up the Democratic trend in Texas, we need an all-of-the-above approach. We run up the score in the urban areas, consolidate our new gains in the suburban areas, and keep pushing forward in every other corner of the state. We fight everywhere.

Here’s why. What we learned from last November’s elections in Virginia is that down ballot candidates drive up Democratic voting. Where we had a Democrat on the ballot, we saw a 1.5% increase in turnout, and a 1% boost in Democratic vote share.

It’s a special kind of Democrat who’s willing to run like hell when an outright win is a longer shot. Thanks to Alec’s aggressive campaign, we’ll have over a hundred newly inspired, trained, and activated volunteer leaders across the district. If we’re going to win statewide, we need campaigns like Alec’s to be firing on all cylinders.”

Political Director
Texas Democratic Party

Bill Brannon


“Democrats and community activists in East Texas who care about progressive issues and Party building would be well served to check out and support Alec Johnson for State Representative. Alec is running in HD 11 which includes Cherokee, Nacogdoches and Rusk counties but the campaign he is running will be of benefit to many rural counties. The Johnson Campaign displays an impressive blend of progressive messaging coupled with state of the art tech tools enhancing communication and improving voter outreach. Alec’s efforts are giving young (and a little less young) activists hands on training in election techniques that will make our Party stronger now and in future elections. Give him a look, you’ll be glad you did.”

Senior Advisor
Texas Democratic Party

Sharon Davis


“Alec Johnson’s campaign for State Representative for HD 11 is a shot in the arm for those in the rural counties of East Texas.  Alec adheres to a progressive message that elected officials should be in the business of representing people not just big business.  This message includes a fair shot for children and families including strong economic and educational opportunities as well as safe communities for Texas citizens.  I whole heartedly throw my support behind Alec.  Voters of Texas should give him serious consideration.”

Retired Educator
Anderson County Democratic Chair
SD 3 Committeewoman for the State Democratic Executive Committee

Marlene Jowell


“Alec Johnson has my vote and should have the vote of every caring American in Cherokee, Nacogdoches and Anderson counties. Alec is on the right side of the people for education, health care, environment, local rule and fiscal responsibility. Alec has used his experience in previous campaigns to pull together and focus on the issues that will improve the lives of everyone in TX District 11. If you want a more secure, healthy life and a first class education for your children and grandchildren, vote for Alec Johnson. He cares.”

Candidate for County Judge
Cherokee County

Stephen Wright


“We need Alec to represent us in the 11th district. His record on fight for an environment that will leave our children and grandchildren with the world they deserve is stout, he is a strong supporter of public education, and he will not sell out regular folks to the whim of providing economic benefits to the wealthy. He is a true champion of ALL East Texans and will give ALL of us a true voice in Austin.”

Former Nacogdoches County Democratic Party Chair
former candidate for State Rep., Dist. 11.

Justin Mosley


“Alec Johnson is a true champion of the LGBTQ community. His Father was a gay man and his eldest daughter is also gay. Attacks on the gay community are attacks on his family and he won’t stand for them. He has often helped my campaign, even though I’m not in his district and can’t vote for him. I encourage you to do more than just vote for Alec Johnson. Consider volunteering and donating to his campaign. We simply cannot have enough champions like Alec Johnson in Austin.”

Candidate for JP Pct. 2, Angelina County

Mike Strong


Dear Alec,

Thanks again for leading the Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign in Nacogdoches! You have brought all of the local candidates together, provided all of us with new digital campaigning tools, and increased the visibility of the Party and all of its candidates. Many front-page stories! Plus, you are training a new cadre of volunteers on how to run – and win – elections. With your boundless energy you also challenge all of us to work harder. You and I have developed a great division of labor, allowing me to focus on running the Party infrastructure and liaising with state-wide candidates. Looking forward to the next six months and beyond.

Mike Strong

Nacogdoches County Democratic Party

The big problems we face demand big solutions.

I have a clear vision for how we can work together to tackle these problems.