Press Release

For Immediate Release
Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Contact: Alec Johnson
Telephone: 936-371-2672
Twitter: @AlecJohnson4TX
All three candidates will be appearing at this Press Conference.
What: No Medicaid Expansion — No Travis Clardy Press Event
When: Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 11 AM.
Where: Nacogdoches County Democratic Party Headquarters, 901 E Main Street, Nacogdoches, TX 75961
In his public statement published today, the Democratic Candidate for State House District 11, Alec Johnson writes, “At the recent Candidate Forum that took place in Nacogdoches, Travis Clardy made clear his opposition to Medicaid Expansion. His opposition is at odds with the clear needs of Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital, which employs him as their attorney.” Johnson adds:
“Memorial Hospital serves a large number of uninsured, working poor patients. Medicaid Expansion would cover 41-cents on the dollar of those expenses that Memorial must now shoulder without assistance. This would likely bring in millions of dollars and go far towards reversing the budget crisis the hospital is now struggling with.”
Alec Johnson’s full statement can be found here. A summary of the highlights includes:
  • Not accepting Medicaid Expansion is killing Texans: between 30,000 and over 50,000 may have died prematurely since 2012.
  • Medicaid Expansion would create jobs and expand our economy, while improving the health of Texans and lowering our State’s mortality rate. We could expect tens of billions in economic growth and hundreds of thousands of new, well-paying jobs.
  • Medicaid services are intricately tied into our lives and community. Medicaid empowers communities to manage their well-being locally.
  • Kaiser Family Foundation reports that Texans approve Medicaid Expansion by an overwhelming 64%.
  • Clardy’s insistence that a Block Grant alternative would work fails to account for serious known block grant limitations, according to this report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.
  • Travis Clardy’s contract with Memorial Hospital is gouging the community. $10,000/month or $120,000/year retainer, plus $575+ per hour is a poor bargain given his opposition to the Medicaid Expansion lifeline Memorial Hospital desperately needs.

Clardy should Resign or be Removed.

Alec Johnson demands, “For all these reasons, If Travis Clardy will not resign, I call on the Memorial Hospital Board to terminate his contract with the utmost speed. He clearly has conflicts of interest that adversely impact Memorial Hospital and the County of Nacogdoches that it serves. Better representation for far less cost is freely available by other competent attorneys. Memorial Hospital and the citizens of Nacogdoches can do better and deserve better representation than Travis Clardy provides.”
Democratic Candidate, Shirley Layton, running for State Senate District 3 and Sandy McCorvey, Democratic Candidate for Nacogdoches County Commissioner Pct 2, join Alec Johnson, endorsing his statement and calling for Travis Clardy to resign or have his contract terminated by the Hospital Board.

Online Petition Launched

Layton, McCorvey, and Johnson launch online petition so District 11 citizens can join others calling for Clardy to resign or be removed from his post at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital.